Shipping Policy

  1. Once the order placed by you on our website (hereinafter jointly referred as “platform”) we will dispatch the placed order within 24 working hours from confirmation of your orders.
  2. Once the order has been dispatched it will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days. The delivery is subject to delaying as per the unavoidable circumstances on that locations where the delivery to be performed.
  3. It is noted that the delivery of your order may also be delayed, in case your location is under no coverage area as per the jurisdiction of our courier services.
  4. If Primary Phone number and the Alternate phone number is not picked, and if the address provided by you at the time of placing the order is insufficient or incorrect then the delivery personnel/ delivery partner will make a call to you. You can pick up/get the order by making the proper coordination with them.
  5. It is also noted that delivery attempt shall be for at least two times, if in case you are not available at your delivery location/ your address is improper/ your provided phone number is not working at the time of attempting delivery.
  6. If you doesn`t pick up/get the order, then such order will not be taken back by the company because of some Herbal Food security reasons.